Apr 6, 2007

Climactic choices

Ever since I can remember I've loved to read. I would take books and sit in a big overstuffed chair or lay on the couch and dive into a world of my own. I remember that in fifth grade I began to get horrible headaches whenever I started to read. We found out later that I needed glasses. Which came in the form of a pair of rosewood colored bifocals. Luckily, later on in life I was able to get a more stylish pair of glasses. But the point is that through all of that I continued to read.

My favorite stories where always the ones where the hero ends up winning in the end. They would have to go through some tough times and fight it out with the villain, but in the end they came out on top. What you found was that choices that the hero or heroine made could change the course of the story in a very dramatic way. I mean think about it...Arthur decides to sneak away and try his hand at pulling Exacalibur from the stone. The Hardy Boys decide to investigate a rundown house. The Pevensie children decide to go back through the wardrobe into Narnia. These acts are called "climactic choices."

The technical definition of climax in fiction writing is a decisive moment, where a character makes a choice which sets in motion the rest of the plot. This definition of climax isn't necessarily the most dramatic or exciting moment of the story (which is what we most often think of, when we start to consider what a climax is). You see it is the choices of the characters in the story that are decisive.

We are living our lives in the greatest story ever told. The Story written and created by God. It began with creation and continues on today. And in this Story we all have climactic choices to make that will be decisive in setting in motion the rest of our lives.

One of these choices is are when we are faced with the decision to come to Christ? That decision is the of the greatest importance, and is pivitol (to say the least) in determining the direction of our lives. But what about after we make that choice and decide to follow Christ? We are still faced with climactic choices in our everday lives that will determine how our lives will end up. Will you trust God today to do what's best for you? Will you have faith and trust in Him, or try and do it on your own? Who knows, maybe even decided where to eat today could be a decisive moment in yoru life. It could lead you in a totally new direction in life.

So how do we know how to make the climactic choices? Well, the difference between this Story and all other stories is that we, the characters, are able to communicate with the Author. So the answer is to stay in contact with the writer of your Story. Through prayer, meditation, and communion with God we are able to understand more and more where God wants the plot and storyline to go.

Today make the climactic choice to stay connected to God and listen to his direction for your life. I promise that is will be a decision that you will never regret. And it will lead you on the greatest and most fulfilling adventure of your life.

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