Apr 22, 2008

Packing, Moving, and Other Things That Are A Pain

Well, we are finishing up packing the house tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be completely finished by Thursday morning when I have to go get the U-Haul Truck and trailer. It is amazing how much stuff that you accumulate even though you've only been married for almost two years. But most of it is in small easy to handle boxes so none of our loaders will have to worry too much.

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to all my family and our friends in Port Neches who are going to be helping us load and unload. You guys rock! It is such a blessing when you have people who can help you out. Otherwise, it would probably take us a week to get everything done, rather than the 2 days that it will take with your help. God bless you guys for sacrificing your time to help us out.

We are so excited about moving down to Port Neches and working as the Student Ministries Pastor at Magnolia Assembly of God. The kids in the youth group have been texting, emailing, and myspacing nonstop sense we accepted a few weeks ago. They are as excited as us to kick this thing off. My faith level is overloading as I see God pulling things together to make this happen. We didn't have a house down in Texas to live in, so I went down for a two day blitz of the apartments in the area and BOOM, God provided a great 3 bedroom/2 bath apartment for only $45 more a month than the 2 bedroom townhouses we looked at. God has just had His hand in everything over the last few weeks, guiding and directing our path.

I had joked with Amy a month ago that it would be awesome if God provided us with a new vehicle, a ministry opportunity, and if we found out we were pregnant. Well, God guided us in the direction of our 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport (saving us nearly $3,000) off the Blue Book price. Then we've been in a whirlwind adventure of getting down to Port Neches to partner with Pastor Brent in ministry. Now, we are just waiting on blessing number three...hehehe.

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