Jul 28, 2008

Mexico Outreach '08

Take a week of your life, mix in a dash of ministry, a sprinkle of worship, a tidbit of hard work, and for flavor add 1 Hurricane Dolly...and what do you get?

Mexico Outreach '08!!!

Wow, what an awesome experience! I took 7 students with me to Palm Valley Church in Mission,TX which became the launch pad for our mission trip to mexico. We were able to go in for three days, though we were momentarily halted by Hurricane Dolly which ransacked much of the area that we were ministering in.

We grabbed our hand saws and axes and headed over on Thursday morning to help a local pastor "clear some branches". What we ended up doing was cutting down three large trees by hand! The students and leaders remained in good spirits though, toughing out the heat and humidity like champs. We were able to clear the trees in a matter of hours and then be on our way to do another street presentation of the Gospel.

Many lives were changed, and we were able to bring life into a church who's pastor had just passed away. We made some lifetime friendships and saw some miracles. We're ready to head back next year!!!

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