Oct 28, 2008

Ministry Teams

I'm totally excited about what we are going to be doing this week in NSM. We've had several students express interest in doing ministry in several areas, but it is so hard for us to get kids to come out on a day that they aren't already at the church. So what we've decided to do is use this Wednesday night as a Ministry Teams Night.

We are going to be talking with students about several different areas where they can get involved and then training them in the areas that they express interest. A few of the Ministry Teams are:

+Prayer/Hospital Prayer Team
+Coffee Shop Team
+Pro Crew Team (Live audio/video during service)
+Graphic Design Team
+Video Production Team
+Welcome Team
+Drama Team

The students are really excited about doing different stuff in youth and I'm praying that it'll be the pull to get them to bring their friends. I'm ready to hear, "Hey you need to come to The Network with me, I'm doing this awesome skit and it's going to be amazing."

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