Feb 6, 2007

Getting back our missional focus?

How can we cultivate a missional / evangelistic life in our ordinary every-day lives? How can you begin to focus your life on the lost rather than on the churched? Is it even possible with all the hurry and noise of live to actually begin to think outside of ourselves?

All the Devil has to do to keep you from being a threat to him is to keep you busy with "good" things so that you miss out on the "right" things. You see for most Christians the teptation is not between doing right or wrong, but rather between which of the many "good" things that we can do with our life. Spending time with family, taking care of our children, hanging out with friends, getting married, developing relationships, helping others, and even doing ministry. All of these things are "good" and should be done, but how do you find out what the "right" thing for you to do right now?

I think the answer is that we must walk in constant contact with God. We must do what Christians call "walking in the Spirit." That is, being so tuned to God that we are able to discern what his will for us is. Romans 12:1-2 admonishes us to be "transformed by the renewing" of our minds so that we can understand the "will...of God." But how can we do that?

Through constant fellowship with God. If we stay connected to God, through prayer, meditation, and Bible reading, we will beging to see what God's will for our life is. We can't expect to navigate the maze of life without being in communication with the maker of the maze. I suggest that we take time out of our lifes, as a "living sacrifice" to God, and spend time with Him. He wants to be near us, wants to talk with us, wants to be our guide. Will we give Him the time to do that?

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