Aug 27, 2007

Would you still be happy if...

Last night we attended the Pastors and Leaders Conference at Stratford. Duane Sheriff was preaching on happiness and how we cannot find our happiness in people, places or things. It was really amazing because he began to talk about how we need to have our happiness routed in God, who He is and who we are in relation to Him. We cannot have our happiness dependent on anything else. For all else changes or fails, but God is the immovable rock on which we can base our happiness.

One thing that really struck me was something that I wrote in my notes

"Will you still be happy, even if your ministry is taken away?"

That really convicted me. I've been having this "whoa is me" attitude about everything that has happened because I didn't have my happiness grounded in God. I thought that having a ministry position (full-time) in a church that was moving and growing would make me happy. However, I had my priorities all mixed up. I needed to have my happiness rooted in God. Because God will not allow anything else to take the place of Him. Not even ministry. If I try to make ministry make me happy God will cause it to fail. For He is a jelous God and will have no idols above or beside Him.

So last night I decided to place my happiness in God's hands. I am a child of the King, joint heir with Christ. What more could I want. If I begin to find my worth and happines in God, then he will allow me to have those things which I desire and are good for me, because they will not be idols in my life.

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