Oct 17, 2007

A Great Adventure!

Something great has just happened! I was accepted as the Youth Pastor/Worship Leader at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Seminole, OK. This is going to be a great adventure, since we will be building the youth ministry from the ground up. It will be hard work, but I really believe this is where God wants us.

We visited the church on Sunday and I am very optomistic. We had been under the impression that there wouldn't be any couples near our ages at the church. However, it seemed like they came out of nowhere. We met a wonderful couple that welcomed us openly and there were a few students there who might be youth age.

Anyway, I've turned in my two week notice at my job (praise God for all his mighty deeds) and am actually going to be teaching the Adult Bible study tonight! Pastor Gary had to take a radioactive iodine pill for a scan and they made him stay away from other people (even his wife!) for 5-7 days. So he asked if I would teach tonight and preach Sunday night. I'm just glad that he trusts me enough to allow me the opportunity to minister to the people. Oh, and his wife asked me to sit in for her in her Sunday School class. This will give me an opprotunity to meet some of the older boys that might get involved with our youth ministry.

Right now, my mind is swimming with ideas for youth as Seminole! And I know that God will be there guiding us in the direction that He has for us!

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