Dec 28, 2007

Out of Loss Hope Springs Eternal

If any of you haven't heard yet, I wanted to let you know that we said goodbye to our son today at 2pm.

Lagan was born at 9:27am on Monday morning. We had gone into the hospital for our scheduled C-section, but when we arrived none of the nurses could find a heartbeat with the monitors.

They called the doctor to come an he checked Amy and Lagan out with three different sonogram machines, even calling in the radiology to come and do one separately. However, none of the monitors found a heartbeat in the baby and the doctor said that his heart was not beating.

They took us to the OR and performed the C-section, but found that Lagan had already passed away.

We had services, Friday at 2pm when we buried him at Swan Hill Cemetery in Ada, OK.

Amy and I want to tell everyone thank you so much for your support and prayers during this time. It means so much for us that you have all kept us in your prayers and thoughts.

This has been a tough time for all of us here, but we keep this hope that we will see our son on the other side of this life. We have hope and we do not grieve like those who have no hope. God works together all things for the good of those who love the Lord...even when we don't know or understand what his plan is. We live in a world that is broken...and bad things happen to godly people all the time.

But just as a father doesn't push his child down and give them a bloodied knee, but can use the experience of a bloody knee to help the child learn and grow. God is the same way with us. He does not will that we should go through pain and suffering like this, but He is using the experience to help us grow closer together and closer to God.

Know that if you have accepted Christ as your Lord. If you have turned over the reigns of your life to God and allowed Him to wash away your past and the sins that we have all committed then you too will be able to behold our lovely son when we are reunited with Christ in the end.

Let that be your hope. Yes, you can mourn. Yes, you can hurt. Yes, you can doubt. But, in the end you have to ask yourself where your faith is and what you have your hope in. For if you hope and faith is in God, He will never, ever, ever, ever let us down. He is always going to be there for you.

God never promised that road would be easy, or that valley would not be filled with darkness. But He promises that we will never have to walk that road and go through the darkness alone.

Remember always...that

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