May 13, 2008

A Quick Update

Moving into our new home and getting settled in here at Magnolia has drained more of my time than I had first anticipated. We've had to hit the ground running gathering up fundraiser ideas for our summer activities: Youth Camp, 220 Conference, Mexico Outreach 08, and Fine Arts. With that in mind, I realized that I had forgotten to blog for nearly a week. So back by popular demand...
Last Wednesday
This last Wednesday in The Network we had a wonderful time of connection, worship, and growth. Worship was amazing, with Amy Lisenby and Victoria Williams leading us into the presence of God. We surrendered ourselves to worshipping our King. Then, I preached the first part of our AMP'd series entitled "01 : Devotion". It was all about how we have to be completely and radically sold out to living for Jesus. Several students came down to be prayed for so that things that they would be freed from either things had ahold of them or that they just hadn't surrendered to God. We spent nearly a half hour in the altars, and I am certain that this is only the first step that God has for this awesome group of students.
A Whole New Look (...well, sorta)
I've been here in the office talking with a couple of my youth sponsors, Pastor Brent, and several others for input in this new project I've taken on. Though we all love the t-shirt logo below:

It is just too busy for letterhead and other smaller application. Because of that, and the fact that no one cares for our "cingular" buildings logo any longer, I've been cooking up an additional logo that can be used for our letterhead, business cards, ect. It is below:

And with it we are going to be having a cool new graphic to replace the "12" Sign up on our wall. We are looking at getting it to be 3 or 4 ft. square. Here it is:

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