Jun 9, 2008

Recognizing Your Divine Appointments

I've got a confession to make. And after God brought it to my attention, I realize that it is just as big as if I had to confess a sin. Actually there are two kinds of sin. The sins that we commit by choosing to do them. And the sins of omission, that happen because we don't do anything or refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit's leading.

The other day, I had gone home to eat lunch with Amy and was returning to the church office with a lot of stuff on my mind. I had a lot of things that I had to get done that day. It was a Wednesday which is what made it even more hectic, with it being our first service with a live band.

When I pulled into parking lot of the church I saw a young man riding a bike in the parking lot. He couldn't have been more than 15 or 16 years old. Instantly I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that I needed to go and talk to him. I was like, Alright, Lord, as soon as I park my Jeep I'll go and talk with him. I parked, got out and closed the door and turned around to find the young man and he was gone.

I felt such a deep dread fill my spirit. What if I was the only person that would ever talk to this young man about the love of God? What if I just missed the biggest opportunity of my life to share the life changing message of Jesus?

I share this with you not so that you will feel sorry for me or look down on me for my innaction. If we are all really honest with ourselves we would realize that we have many times missed the divine appointments that God places into our lives because we won't follows the nudging of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I've made a commitment, and ask that you join with me in this, to pray that God will begin to allow me to recognize those divine appointments that He has placed before me. The book of Ezekiel says that if a man is told that destruction is coming and doesn't tell the people, the man will have thier blood on his hands. Let us join together to make a commitment that we will not be guilty of refusing the leading of the Holy Spirit.

May God open our eyes to the opportunities around us. May He use us greatly to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into our everyday lives.

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