Sep 24, 2008

An Update

We got back home on Saturday afternoon after spending a little more than a week with my grandparents in Irving due to evacuating away from the path of Hurricane Ike. When we got back we were astonished at the amount of damage that some areas got and how other areas had hardly been touched. Our neighbors in the apartment across the hall from us had their whole roof blown off and everything in their house was ruined. However, our apartment didn't take any damage. Our electricity came on Saturday night as soon as I finished lighting the last of 20 some odd candles around the house. LOL I'm glad God has a since of humor. :) The only thing that we are waiting on is for our hot water to be turned back on.

Our church on the other hand took a little bit of a bigger hit than our home. The shingles on the back of the sanctuary roof were blown off, so when the rain came it flooded out our sanctuary peeling the paint from the wall in a couple of places. The back section of our gym, by one of the goals, was peeled back by the wind and the rain came and soaked one of the walls. But God did the amazing again. The Restoration Team that came and fixed our church after Hurricane Rita in '05 were on the scene the day after Ike and were able to dry out the whole church. They got 50 gallons of water out of our Fireside Room alone 0.0!

It will take a bit of work, and we won't be back in the sanctuary for a few months, but we still have the gym that we are going to be having our worship gatherings in. The Youth Hall was untouched but we are either going to have to move to the Children's Sanctuary on Wednesday nights (b/c we'd be too loud for the adult bible study in the gym) or move to another night. We're just going to have to see what we need to do. The key word right now is...Flexibility!

God has kept his hand on us this week and He has provided much more than we could ever deserve!

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