Jan 12, 2009

Awesome Stuff Planned for 2009

Just want to list a few of the ideas that we are planning for 2009

+ A totally revamped youth room. We've taken down the shutters and the beach themed stuff and we are going in a whole new direction. We'll be painting the walls and adding splatter paint. We're also working on designing a permanent stage that will have the same flare as the rest of the room.

+ Building a portable Welcome Center where students can sign in and guests can fill our Basic Info Cards. This is going to go outside the youth room in the hallway and will be able to be wheeled back into the youth room after our gatherings.

+ {HE}brews Coffee House will be created in the current Welcome Center. This will eventually grow to be self sustaining. It will also offer some of our students a place to minister through service.

+ All new signage. We are going to be adding two static cling 2ft x 3ft posters to the front glass doors as well as signage for the new {HE}brews Coffee House. And also some moveable posters for the Welcome center that will say, "Welcome to NSM."

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