Jun 14, 2009


Okay so its been forever since I last updated my blog and that is totally my fault.

Currently Amy and I are both now working. I'm at RadioShack as the Assistant Manager and Amy is working at Quizno's which just opened here in Ada, OK.

We are still looking for a church to open up for us to go and be their youth pastors. I've put out several resumes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. But as of yet we haven't heard anything back. We're just taking this time to reach the people that we work with and get involved with Crosspointe Church here. I'll be on their worship team here in a few weeks and just can't wait.

Jadyn is doing great. She's now three months old and she went swimming for the first time last Friday. She loved it and could already fit a 12month old sized rash gaurd shirt. Wow! She's getting big.

I'm currently letting my hair grow out and am looking at getting it cut and highlighted like this.

yep, that's Jeremy Camp rockin' it out.

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