Feb 17, 2010

God has great plans...even when we don't know them!

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote here on the YP Outpost. At my last post my wife and I had started to look into the possibility that God was leading us toward planting a church. And though that is still there in the back of our minds and spirits we are continuing our search for a church that would like to have us come and be their youth pastors.

Currently we've heard back from two different churches this month. We went and tried out at a church in Jones, OK but it doesn't seem that is where God wants us to be. (we received our letter from them today). However we are going to visit a very contemporary church, Christian Life Center in Gun Barrel City, TX. We'll be going down to spend the weekend with them on the 27-28th of February.

To our friends and family out there, be in prayer that we will be in God's will and He will open doors that need to be opened for us.

And for those of you here at Crosspointe Church in Ada, OK. Get ready for a great message on serving tonight in our Wednesday Gathering. Love you guys!!!

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