Feb 22, 2010


Wow our views on prayer here in America are so messed up. They are so performance based. We think that waking up at 3 a.m. to prayer for three hours and read 15 chapters of the Bible makes us a super Christian and more accepted by God. Wouldn't that fall under the idea that works are what put us in good standing with God? We need to realize that God accepts us and loves us the same whether we spend 3 hours or 3 minutes in prayer.

BTW, where would the idea that we need to be in constant prayer come into effect? I mean I can't just lock my self in my bedroom for the rest of my life. I think that is where our messed up Western (American) thinking messes things up. You see Christianity originated in the Middle East and they have a different views on God. You see we western Americans tend to view God like a person, that we have to spend time with Him away from others on a one-on-one basis like we would spend time with our wife or a friend. The eastern view is based more on scripture and says that Jesus is literally the glue that holds the universe together and is in the very air around us. That means that I can constantly be in communication with God. I can constantly be aware of His presence allowing Him to guide and help me become more and more like Jesus.

Just some thoughts...kinda freeing though.

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