Mar 9, 2010

Do Something

Yesterday I came home from work and went out to eat with my wife's parents. When we got back to the house my daughter was already asleep, so I put her in her swing and went to work cleaning out bedroom. I got a lot done; reorganizing clothes, getting rid of some old paperwork, and even washing the sheet for our bed.

When I left at 9pm to go pick up Amy from work last night I felt better than I had all day. It was like I felt better because I had been doing something rather than sitting all night watching TV.

It got me thinking that is exactly how it is in our spiritual lives as well. How easy and comfortable it can be to just come to church, fill a pew, and consume what the Pastor is preaching to us. It's comfortable but we end up spiritually fat because we take in and take in, but never give out of ourselves.

I've found that when you give of yourself spiritually...whether it be leading a small group, working in the nursery at your local church, or helping a widow repair her front end up feeling better. And that is because you have been exercising your spiritual self.

It's easy to not do anything, but in the end it will kill you. You can sit and eat ice cream and drink coffee all day but you'll end up having a heart attack. It may be uncomfortable at first (just like exercising for the first time in a while) but it is definately worth it and you'll feel much better.

So today challenge: Do something today to spread the love of Jesus around!!!

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