Jun 14, 2010

Weekend Update

+ Well it wasn't really this weekend, but last week I met with Pastor Shawn to hang out at Crosspointe Church. I had a great time of planning, dreaming, and visioneering. God has some great things planned for Amy and I and for Crosspointe Church in the future.

+ Had a great Saturday. I got to hang out with my two favorite girls, my wife Amy and our daughter Jadyn. We went rental house hunting in Ada.

+ Sunday was great. The morning gathering was great and Pastor Scott Oltmans brought a challenging message about how our words affect our relationships.

+ Hero Headquarters VBS set production is underway. This is going to be an awesome event. We are building a whole city scape in the church's foyer, turning the sanctuary in the Hall of Justice, the kitchen area into a Recharge Station, and the crafts area into a mad scientist's lab.

+Pastor Shawn and Jenniffer had their baby boy this morning. Carter Blaise Wiebers is such a cutey!

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