Nov 22, 2010

"Members Only" Churchianity

This is an ACTUAL sign from a church parking lot in Hawaii. Saw this and it really got me thinking...What are some of the things that the church does that says we are for "members only"?
It's amazing to me that any church would choose to put this up and not think that it might be, maybe, on the off chance, just a tiny bit OFFENSIVE to people who are outside the church.  Now I understand that city regulations may have necessitated this sign.

However, the sad thing is that many churches think of themselves as nothing more than glorified country clubs where members gather to hang out, drink coffee, listen to good music and talk about their week. The truth is that Jesus called us twice. Once to "come and follow" him and a second time to "Go and Tell!" For too long many Christians have treated these two callings as standing on their own. But Jesus didn't call us to do one or the other. He has called us to both "Come & Follow" AND  "Go & Tell".

How are you "going" and "telling" your neighbors about the hope that we have in the new kingdom life that Jesus has called us all to? Are you sharing your hope and peace with others? If you are a Christ follower you have been called to be a missionary to your neighborhood, subdivision, city block, etc.

Let's join together and live this out. Let's take the Kingdom of God out into the streets of our city. Will you join with me?

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