Jan 17, 2012

Reconciling being a Revolutionary and Responsible

"When I grow up I want to..."

How many of us remember saying that. We had such high aspirations as kids. We really thought that we could change the world and be anything we wanted to be. How is it that so much can change between then and now.

Now as adults in a down economy we are working jobs we have to work rather than jobs we want to work. As husbands we have a wife and 2.5 kids to provide for. Our dreams have changed. But it's not always a bad change.

I read an article in Relevant Magazine entitled, When Revolutionaries Grow up: Can You be Both Radical And Responsible?, that deals with this issue very well.

You can read the article here on page 42

It isn't always a bad thing when our dreams change. It doesn't mean that we aren't making a difference. As parents and 9to5 workers we are making a different difference than the college kid who goes to live in Malawi to reach the people there with the love and light of Jesus.

Our definition of success must change to compliment these new dreams. What do you think success looks like for young adults and families now? What kind of new dreams have you found as you've matured and gotten older? What dreams have you had to give up?

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