Jan 23, 2012

When God says, "Wait"

Over the last couple of weeks God has begun to really work into my heart...or is it that I've finally opened up enough to hear what he's been saying all along? Either way, I've been really thinking a lot about what to do when God tells you to wait.

To be honest, I am not a good waiter. To say it even more real, I HATE waiting. I hate waiting in line to check out. I hate waiting for food to cook (even in the microwave). So it's no big stretch to say that when God through me a "wait" a few years ago that I haven't really handled it well.

I thought that after a week of waiting that God had forgotten about me. That I was done. Whatever purpose God had for me, it was over. But that's changing....

You see, just because God tells you, "Wait" it doesn't mean, "No". God knows the dreams and desires that He has put in your heart and He has plans for you. The problem is what to do while you are in your wait. Over the last couple of weeks there has been a huge amount of divine "coincidences" that have crossed my path to remind me that while I'm waiting, God is still working on my behalf and still has my best interests at heart.

So while you wait:

  • Remember, Remember, Remember: When you remember how God was with you through your yesterdays, you can trust him with your tomorrows. It is easy to get distracted by the valley and not look back to the mountain that you just came from. Remember all the ways that God has answered your prayers in the past, all the ways He's moved on your behalf, and all the miracles that you have seen. This will keep your focus on Him rather than on the season you are in now.
  • Use Your "Wait" to Grow Closer to God: I have felt that one of the reasons God has given me my wait has been to teach me to find my satisfaction in Him rather in the thing I'm waiting for. I'm beginning to spend more time in prayer, reading the word, and learning as much as I can while I'm waiting. Sometimes, because it is so easy to get distracted by everything around us, we just need to have a time to slow down to refocus on what is really important.
  • Keep Learning: Don't let your waiting time lead you to become complacent or lazy about your craft. If you are a musician, use the time to perfect your musicianship. If you are a writer, keep writing. If you are a pastor, serve wherever you can. READ, READ, READ! Good leaders learn from their own mistakes. Great leaders learn from the mistakes and examples of others. Find someone who is successful at what you want to do and learn as much as you can from them.
Waiting isn't easy (especially if you're like me), but God can use that time to grow you into who He needs you to be when the time come for Him to open that door for you.

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