Apr 17, 2013

Dreaming of Something New

I know that I haven't blogged in a while. We've been very busy building our new home and getting it ready for launching a new missional endeavor. I really appreciate everyone who has dropped by the blog over the last few months. I'm hoping to post more regularly and wanted to kick things off with some ideas that my wife and I have been thinking through the last few months.

Amy and I have been talking about what we want to do for the summer and next semester as far as Connection Groups go. We are wanting to do something a little different.

What we would like to do would be to meet in our new house every other week. This would be a time where our group could gather around a common meal, celebrate what God has done throughout the week and encourage each other with naturally flowing conversations leading to spiritual discussion. We would bring up different community needs that we as a group could help with. Say if "Susie" knows a single mom that needs help because she has a hole in her porch. The group could decide to go out that Saturday and help fill this need that we've seen.

These would be times that would be open to saint and sojourner (those who aren't Christ-followers yet).

The idea behind this would be that on the off weeks (when we don't have a scheduled gathering) we would invite group members and families over for dinner to spend more one-on-one discipleship time with them. As well as us and other group member using these off nights to invite other people in our community (non group members) over for dinner to spend time with them. The idea is to become more intentional about reaching those far from God.

Out of these "off weeks" I want to help our group to begin to have a place that they could invite a non-believer to join us in our journey toward becoming more like Christ. I want to be more intentional missionally and train up a group that would do the same.

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