Aug 11, 2013

To Be Successful: Be Planted

I grew up in church and had always thought that to be successful in life meant that I needed to be a full time paid staff member at a church. I went to school to earn my ordination for ministry and still carry that today. However, my view of what it means to be successful has changed a bit.

After a few years of chasing a full time position in a church, and the door never opening for us, we decided to take a break. My wife, Amy, and I moved back to her hometown and settled into a church to just rest a bit. God provided a job for me while I was here as the manager of the local Radioshack that allowed me to use my penchant for technology and customer service. It also paid our bills.

At the time I thought that was all it was; a job to pay my bills while I tried to find another full time ministry job somewhere...anywhere. But God continued to keep that door shut and cause me to start focusing on my current position. I have stated time and again in sermons that God always put you where He wants you for a reason. But it took a while for that to actually sink into my heart.

When I started to really take this truth to heart things began to change for me. You see, for a while I had neglected a lot of my duties at work in the early months because I thought I was going to be moving on soon.  With the decision to start living in the present and do the best I could with what I had, everything changed. I started getting to work on time, if not early, regularly. The mission of what we do started to shape into a statement that drives us to this day.

I've now been working at Radioshack for over 4 years and I am more excited to work here than I've ever been. Our store has won several national awards for sales. We are well on our way for a banner year, besting sales of any year leading up to now. I'm focused on growing myself as a leader, developing my leadership team and growing our business.

I watched a YouTube video by motivational speaker Walter Bond the other day. (Mr. Bond spoke at our Radioshack Summit last year to owners and dealers) In the video Mr. Bond spoke on the importance of being planted and growing roots where you are. This has proved so true here. When I decided to let myself be rooted where I am I have reaped the benefits of personal and professional fulfillment, focus, monetary benefits via sales commissions, more time with my family, less stress, and a better attitude at work and home.

Take the time to take stock of where you are now. Are you planted where you are or are you just using your current position to get to the next step in your journey? If you will start to focus on doing your best where you are now you'll begin to reap benefits that you never thought possible from your current job.  Plus your team leader's will begin to see your passion and focus exceed those around you. This in turn, will open opportunities for you to excel within your current business.

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