Aug 27, 2013

Business is a Noble and Honorable Profession

I've been reading a new book over the last week entitled Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. It has been a very eye opening and inspiring read. I would recommend this book as a must read for any person involved in any kind of business profession. Rabbi Lapin has filled this book with so much quality information that I've had to slow down and really process a lot of it rather than running through the book as I normally would. 

What I want to write about today is the ideas in the introduction and first chapter. Which coincidentally is as far as I've been able to get this week. (There is a lot of great info here...did I already say that?)

The thing that really struck me was the idea that for a long time we have been taught and fed that making money through business was an inherently evil thing. I mean, when was the last time that you heard about a large corporate monster that was creating inferior products just to pad their bank accounts with extra profits? Now when was the last time that you heard about a business that had just created 1,000 jobs, was providing a great quality product at a fair price, stability to the families, and dignity for their workers who were earning a fair wage for their work? That kind of news doesn't sale, but the Great Corporate DEVIL does.

I've noticed, as well as Rabbi Lapin giving examples, that many people are very squirmish about talking about doing well in business. They don't like to talk about that big commission check that they just earn for busting it to get that big account or sale. It's like we try to explain away that fact that we are doing well. But it is super easy for us to talk about how we have raised so much money for charity, or worked so many hours of community service.

What Rabbi Lapin proposes is that we need to take a better look at what we are doing in business. If you are a business person and you are operating in honor and integrity. Take pride in what you are doing. You are providing jobs that help people have a stable and productive life. You are serving your customers with care and integrity. What you are doing is a noble and honorable profession.

And when you really take that to heart you will see a HUGE explosion in your energy and desire to work. When you find the noble purpose for what you are doing in business, it will take you to a whole other level. Making money in itself is not an inherently evil thing. Check your values and purpose for sure, but know that God does want you to succeed. You are more than a conqueror through Christ. You are the head and not the tail. You were created to be blessed and to be a blessing.

What you are doing is good. What you are doing is noble. Don't be ashamed of being in business. Knock it out of the park!

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